Why should you choose Cataract and LASIK Center for your eye care

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56080170 - business man pointing the text dedicated to excellenceWhat do you want out of your eye doctor or surgeon? You probably want high quality and high tech, along with an expert doctor that is also caring. You can find all of this and more at the Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah. We pride ourselves in offering advanced technologies that meet the needs of many, from cataracts to LASIK, to comprehensive eye exams. We offer a wide array of services to meet your eye care needs.

Along with the above mentioned eye care services, you’ll find Monovision LASIK, PRK, clear lens exchange, glaucoma treatment, and more! Plus, our comprehensive eye exams test for conditions like diabetes and macular degeneration. We’ve been doing this for years, and are experts in eye care.

What sets us apart?

In fact, if you want to get LASIK or cataract surgery, we actually offer our own state of the art Ambulatory Surgery Center. It allows you to be in a warm, personal setting instead of a hospital. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the inconvenience or cost of going to a hospital. This is one of the ways we prove that we are experts in eye care. Think about it like this: we have done this procedure so often we have our own surgery center! You can trust our experience and expertise in eye care. Some eye doctors have to utilize a local hospital to do their eye surgery, simply because they don’t perform the procedure often enough to warrant having their own facility. That is not the case with us. We welcome you to use our facilities to receive high quality, expert eye surgery.

Did you know that we have been offering comprehensive eye care in the Utah Valley and the surrounding area since 1981? We’re not new to eye care; we know it well. Plus, we have a commitment to higher standards. We believe in giving you the best options for your eyes, because your vision is so important to us (and to you). Did you know we were the first in our area to offer the most advanced technology available in the field of refractive surgery? It’s true!

You may have been told before that you were not a candidate for LASIK, but with the new advanced technologies out there, you have a wealth of other options. You may find that with the All-Laser LASIK technology we offer, you are a candidate after all. Come in to see us, and we can talk about your options. We offer a free consultation for those interested in LASIK. You can also check out our checklist on our website “Are you a LASIK candidate?

We have a commitment to offering the best in eye care

We want to make things as good as they can get with your eye care. That’s why we take extra steps to make sure you can see with clarity. You can expect excellence when you come in to see us. If you don’t believe us, check out some of these nice comments that our patients had to say:

“Dr. Monroe was nothing but phenomenal!! If you’re thinking about getting LASIK, this is the only place I would go. The staff was friendly and accommodating. My vision was perfect hours later. Thank you Dr. Monroe and staff!!” – Brian Smith

“I just had LASIK, and I love it! They are the most professional, when it comes to sight, I wanted the very best. Through the thorough testing that they performed, I felt completely safe and comfortable.” – Jocelyn Dodds

This is just a sampling of some of the wonderful testimonials we’ve received over the years. We’re happy to provide great eye care for all of our patients. If you’re looking for an eye doctor in Draper Utah or the surrounding area, please contact us at Cataract and LASIK center of Utah.

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