Who should see an eye doctor?

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Human, blue healthy eye macro with white backgroundYou don’t have to notice vision changes in order to visit an eye doctor. It’s not something that is reserved for those who wear glasses or contacts. In fact, there are many reasons to schedule a visit to an eye doctor.

Of course, if you notice vision changes, by all means, make an appointment. It’s important for an eye doctor to take a look at your eyes and see what’s going on. However, this isn’t the only reason to call in an appointment. If you have eye discomfort or an eye injury, it can be another good reason to see an eye doctor. But, even beyond the obvious reasons, visiting an eye doctor can be a great preventative and wellness tool.

By keeping regular visits to the eye doctor, you can catch problems as early as possible. An eye doctor can do a glaucoma and a diabetes check. In addition, they can spot cataracts early on. These things can be spotted by an eye doctor before you even notice a difference in your vision.

Regular visits can help track the health of your eyes. Over time, vision changes and age plays a role in this, and so can medications, as well as medical conditions. But, it’s important for adults of all ages to make time for comprehensive eye exams, instead of waiting till they get older to do so. Even if your vision seems good, you should make comprehensive eye exams a priority.

Remember, eye doctors aren’t reserved just for people with obvious vision issues. They’re for everyone, so make time for comprehensive eye exams to help preserve your eye health.

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