LASIK Technology

The LASIK procedure is the result of a decade’s worth of technical refinement, combining all of the latest technology in one efficient LASIK procedure. All-Laser LASIK is performed entirely with the safety, accuracy, and predictability of computer-controlled cool beam lasers. All-Laser LASIK technology is 100% blade-free, 100% all-laser and 100% personalized, providing patients with a completely customized procedure.

What’s more? All-Laser LASIK technology allows more people to enjoy the benefits of LASIK than ever before! Its precision allows Dr. Monroe to treat patients who have been turned down for laser vision correction in the past, including those with high prescriptions, thin corneas and even those who wear only over-the-counter reading glasses!

LASIK combines all of the following advanced technologies into one precise procedure:


Intralase LASIK in Orem Utah

With the ultra high precision Intralase laser, creating the corneal flap is now safer and more accurate. In traditional LASIK, the first step of the LASIK procedure is performed with a hand-held metal blade, or microkeratome. Although traditional LASIK has been an effective procedure, All-LaserLASIK uses a computer-controlled laser eliminating many of the possible complications seen with the mechanical device. By eliminating the blade once used in traditional LASIK, our patients enjoy a premium level of safety and accuracy.

VISX Star S4 IR laser

VISX Star S4 IR laser in Utah

The world’s most advanced excimer laser gaining FDA approval for treating a wider range of prescriptions than any other laser on the market is the VISX Star S4 IR laser. The Star S4 offers you the highest level of accuracy. In fact, this laser is accurate to 0.25 microns, an amazing figure when you consider a human hair is approximately 70 microns thick! The VISX Star S4 IR laser has many exclusive features:

Iris Registration

  • Iris Registration is very similar to an eye scanner. This advanced technology maps points on the iris and focuses the laser using those points. This creates a more individualized adjustment that further improves and enhances the quality of your laser vision correction treatment.

Variable Spot Scanning

  • Produces seven variable sized treatment beams, allowing Dr. Monroe greater flexibility for faster, smoother treatments.

3D ActiveTrak™

  • The only device that automatically tracks the tiny movements of your eye 60 times per second in all three dimensions, providing additional control and precision. This sophisticated eye tracker allows for a worry-free LASIK procedure, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Fourier Algorithm

  • The Fourier upgrade captures 100% of the available data points on each patient’s eye, providing unprecedented levels of resolution for a more complete and precise correction.

VISX CustomVue

VISX CustomVue laser for LASIK in Utah
CustomVue allows us to analyze your eyes’ specific irregularities with 25 times more accuracy than standard measurements used for glasses or contacts. Think of it as taking a fingerprint of your eye that enables Dr. Monroe to completely customize each patient’s treatment. With CustomVue patients have the potential to see better than they ever have before with glasses or contacts and with better night vision.

In fact, in a clinical study, four times as many patients were very satisfied with their night vision after their VISX CustomVue procedure, compared to their night vision before with glasses or contacts.

Before Utah LASIK procedure After iLASIK in Orem, UT
Night vision with halos and glare Night Vision after LASIK
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