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22417510 - colorful and foggy autumn forestIt’s the fall season again, which means pumpkin carving, delicious meals and bonfires. There are so many wonderful things to love about the fall. However, as you plan your fall festivities, you should be aware of some basic safety tips to keep your eyes safe all season long.

October is Home Eye Safety Month, so it’s a great time to go over some eye protection tips. During the fall, it’s common to do yard work, especially raking and leaf blowing. You may also be out trimming up shrubs and chopping down tree limbs. Whatever yard work you’re doing, make sure to wear proper eye protection. You don’t want to chance plant debris getting in your eye or sticks hitting you in the eye. Protect yourself from eye infections and injuries.

Often with cooler weather comes dry eyes. The windy air can cause our eyes to dry out, we may also find ourselves in some very warm/dry environments inside, causing even more dry eye issues. Make sure to keep artificial tears within easy reach to provide relief for temporary dry eyes.

The celebrations that come with fall can also open us up to eye injury or infection. Be careful when cleaning up prior to having parties, make sure you protect your eyes from harmful cleaners. Also, if you’re going to get dressed up for Halloween, don’t use illegal, non-prescription colored contacts. Only use contacts prescribed by an eye doctor. You don’t want to risk your vision! And, if you’re going to deep-fry a turkey or any other fall food, wear eye protection. Splattering grease is not something you want to get in your eyes.

Keep your eyes safe this season, take small extra steps to ensure healthy vision. If you want to take further steps, contact us to get a comprehensive eye exam. At Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah, we’re dedicated to helping you see your best.

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