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Monroe Headshot webOne day, in a quaint Kentucky town, a little girl realized her dream to move out west. She marveled at the thought of living her life in a scenic Rocky Mountain community, just like the ones in the old western movies she would watch with her father. Years later, it was in a community like this where she would meet folks who she would grow to love and serve. That little Kentucky girl was Dr. Jamie Monroe, the ophthalmologist at the Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah. After receiving her degree at Vanderbilt University and pursuing a fellowship at the University of Utah, Dr. Monroe’s childhood western dream became a reality.

The perspective Dr. Monroe developed on how to live her life, also guided her work as a physician. She refers to this perspective as her “why”, which aside from her faith, acts as the answer for all that motivates her. Her “why” is to deliver on the trusts she’s formed in her life, or as she puts it, “To do what you say and to say what you do.”

For over twenty years, Dr. Monroe has done just that. By delivering on the trust her patients have given her, she continually strives to provide the most advanced cataract and LASIK care in the entire region. Through her calm demeanor and her dedication to treat her patients as individual people, Dr. Monroe has helped change the lives of many for the better. Over the years, she has won numerous awards in the cataract and LASIK field for her exceptional care, including the Sightpath Medical Top Cataract Surgeon 2011 and 2012.


Dr. Monroe believes that she was put on this Earth to improve the lives of others through refractive surgery.


Dr. Monroe believes that she was put on this Earth to improve the lives of others through refractive surgery. Relieving a patient’s stress and helping them achieve their goals is nothing short of magic for her. When she isn’t doing the job she was born to do, she enjoys skiing and hiking in the mountains, as well as spending time with her husband. Once a young girl from Kentucky with a western dream, Dr. Jamie Monroe grew into a western physician with a healing purpose: to provide the gift of vision to people who need it and to do it all with love in her heart.

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