Cataract Patient Testimonials

Edna Clarkson

Nina April Lee – The Greatest

Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah is the greatest! From the first person to greet me, to the last one who wheeled me to the car, made me feel like an important individual not just a name on a chart. Dr. Monroe, thanks for your hard earned skills and dedication to your practice and patients. Thanks and much love to all of you.

Karen Barraclough

Claudia Bassett – Love, Kindness, Humor

The receptionist at the front desk has a warm welcoming demeanor. The RN’s who took care of me before and after the surgery were warm and attentive. The anesthesiologist exuded love, kindness, and humor. And last but not least, I found Dr. Jamie Monroe to be a delightful lady. I felt comfortable and safe in her hands. Yes, my cataract surgery was a pleasant experience thanks to all of you. My eyesight is much improved!

Bob Fausett

Darren Williams – OUTSTANDING

As a professional wildlife biologist that manages a wetland ecosystem, species identification is crucial. As a result, I spend a great amount of time behind optics. After being diagnosed with cataracts, I wasted no time in getting an appointment with the Cataract & Lasik Center Of Utah. Dr. Jamie Monroe and her entire staff were OUTSTANDING through the entire process. I now have amazingly clear, high definition vision and the ability to continue to pursue my passion!

Steven Bower

Arol Ambler – Excellent Surgeries and Care

I want to let you know how deeply pleased I am with the excellent surgeries and care I have received at the Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah, with Dr. Monroe as my cataract surgeon. I would be blind today if she had not removed my cataracts and given me two new eyes!
Now I can clearly see everything, the beautiful sunsets, blossoms everywhere, birds taking flight, the moon and the starts at night, and all my wonderful grandchildren. This is perhaps the best gift of all, and this latest surgery was for my 71st birthday, so it is most definitely the best birthday gift I have ever received! My wife viewed both surgeries, and she was extremely impressed with the painstaking, delicate work involving the most demanding eye-hand coordination imaginable on Dr. Monroe’s part. She perfectly removed one of the worst types of cataracts from my right eye and beforehand made absolutely sure that it would be possible to remove it by referring me to a retinal specialist. He gave her the go-ahead, and she did not make a single error, period. Absolute perfection! Her skill is unbelievable, and I will always recommend everyone I know to get their eye surgery done here. Dr. Monroe and your staff do a fantastic and impeccable job on explaining every step that will be taken, as well as all the at-home care we need to do to ensure a problem-free experience.
Not only that, my surgeon has made herself available for any questions, any time, day or night, even providing her cell phone number for such calls. That is well above and beyond the call of duty. Your clinic staff definitely goes the extra mile to ensure the success of each patient’s surgery.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ellen Lipscomb

Curt Ripplinger

Curt - Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah

Vision is great! Surgery was easy. Care was excellent both before and after. Would recommend the folks at the Cataract and LASIK Center to anyone.


Eldon Randall

Eldon - Cataract surgery in Utah

Worth every dollar spent. Surgery has made my life easier. Painless, quick, and the doctors (Dr. Monroe and Dr. Beaty) are awesome!

Kristine Story – Painless, Quick

Kristine Story Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah patient

The surgery was painless and quick. My vision was improved. My peripheral vision is fantastic.


Afton Chipman – I now have 20/20 vision

Afton Chipman - Cataract and LASIK Center of Utah patient

I had some apprehension about the surgery. All of my fears were addressed and I went ahead with the surgery. To my great joy I now have 20/20 vision. This is amazing because before the surgery, without my glasses, I had trouble seeing the top big letter on the eye chart.

Judy Mills – Wow

Wow, how can I thank you for giving me so much sight back. I can now see things with my glasses off that I couldn’t see before with my glasses on. I can’t believe the difference in my sight now. It is amazing. I want to thank you staff also for the kind and professional way they treat the patients. It was so easy to be with them as they prepared me for cataract surgery. I really appreciate the way Dr. Monroe talked me through the surgery making me more comfortable and less fearful of what was happening. I just wanted you to know how pleased and happy I am with the results of my surgery. I will recommend your practice to anyone and everyone I might come in contact with. Again, thank you for being so wonderful, talented, kind and caring.


Jeannie Tolbert – I couldn’t be happier

I was worried about having surgery on my eyes but was so tired of not being able to see well even with my glasses. I’m so happy with the monovision. I can see to drive and read with no glasses. I couldn’t be happier.

Bruce Bushnell – I give it an A+ experience

I had cataract surgery a period of time ago and I was really apprehensive about it. I was having a hard time seeing in my left eye and I put in a special lens. The surgery was unbelievably successful. I can read the smallest lines. I have 20/20! I do not have to have all those reading glasses I have scattered around the house. The treatment I received here was fantastic. I give Dr. Monroe the highest praises and Dr. Beaty and the whole staff here did a great job of taking care of me as well as their other patients. Anyway, I give it an A+ experience and I would recommend it to anybody. It made a huge difference in my quality of life and my ability to read, do things, and enjoy life. So, I would like to thank them and appreciate the service they provided for me. Again, I would recommend it highly to anyone. Thanks!

Don L. Ungerman – Exceeded

I felt I wanted to write and thank you and your staff for your excellent care and service. Your entire staff was a delight to get acquainted with and a hoot to be around. The results of the surgery far exceeded my expectations. Seeing detail again is great but the bonus for me is to again see richer colors and white that is rich and brilliant and not tainted and dirty yellow. Thanks again.

Shanna Wheeler – Vibrant Colors

I want to thank Dr. Monroe and her staff for allowing me to see and appreciate the vibrant colors available all around us. Cataracts cloud the vision and depress the soul. My eyes sparkle now, as does the world around me. I can see in a way I have not been able to for over 50 years. I have a new lease on life……Thank you so much!

Ralph McMullin – No discomfort on my part

Upon my first visit to the Cataract and Lasik Center of Utah, I was so impressed by the loving, kindness, and loving care each worker showed each patient. On each of my visits thereafter this did not change. Any apprehension on my past about the surgery was soon put to rest. Dr. Jamie Monroe completed surgery with absolutely no discomfort on my part. After the right eye patch came off in three hours I could read anything without my glasses and a magnifying glass! I have received the best gift- I can see! It is fantastic!! Get it done!!

Jay M. Holbrook – Freedom

The surgery transformed me from thick lenses and diminished sight to perfect vision. Thank for you a newly discovered freedom!

Barbara Balls – Thrilled beyond words

I made an appointment at the Cataract & Lasik Center of Utah in Orem with many misgivings and nervousness. When I went there I was welcomed and greeted with a smiling face and happy voice. I immediately became relaxed and comfortable. The women doing the interview listened to my concerns about problems I was having with my eyes (cataracts and very poor vision). They then explained what they could do for me, and what I could expect from the surgery. I would be receiving multifocal lenses (ReSTOR), which have the ability to help me see far as well as near, how surgery would be done and how long it would take, and if there would be any pain involved. They explained that they have had great success with this procedure, and that the staff was very professional and the surgery could be done at the center if my insurance approved it.

All my worries were put at ease and I told them, “Let’s proceed as fast as we can so I don’t have time to think or worry about it.” This was done in only a day’s time. The first surgery was to be Dec. 11th; it went very smooth. The nurses made me feel very special. I was relaxed and then all of a sudden it was over with. I could see great with one eye within a couple of hours. The 2nd eye was scheduled for the following week. The surgery went the same way. The staff was as before, just wonderful to me. They handled me like a precious piece of glass. After both surgeries Dr. Monroe would call me the night after surgery to see how I was, if I had any pain or concerns, and if I could see well. The follow up visits are exciting as I see that my eyes are improving. I have worn glasses for 73 years.

Now I don’t wear glasses to read, watch TV, or to drive. I am thrilled beyond words. The chains have been lifted from my eyes. I will always be grateful to the Cataract & Lasik Center staff, technology, and research that has made this possible for me.


I have worn glasses since I was six years old. Due to my lazy eye, contacts were never an option for me, which has made sports and other physical activities cumbersome. One of my favorite activities is waterskiing and it was frustrating having to choose between wearing glasses or not being able to see. I even lost a few pairs of glasses in the lake before trying some goggles, which worked ok.

At 53, I ended up with a detached retina in my right eye. After the corrective surgery, I developed a cataract in the same eye. My sister recommended the Cataract & LASIK Center of Utah, who she said she would trust with her life. I decided to give them a try. I have been to many eye doctors and these are by far the best. From the first time I walked in, to all the follow-up calls and appointments, I was treated very well.

The cataract surgery went perfectly. They also recommended and performed LASIK on my left eye, eliminating my need glasses. WOW! What a feeling of freedom. After 48 years, I no longer have to wear glasses. It is amazing. Everything from waterskiing and running, to walking into a room and not having fogged up glasses is a new experience. I also love the simple things, like being able to wear any pair of sun glasses while driving.

I could not be happier with my overall experience and results with the Caratact & LASIK Center of Utah, and would recommend them to anyone.

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