Are You A LASIK Candidate?

You may be a LASIK candidate if:

  • You are over 18
  • You have had stable vision for the past 2 years
  • You have healthy eyes – free of diseases, scars and other health conditions
  • You have realistic expectations for LASIK

A free VIP exam with us can further determine the most appropriate procedure for you. If you are pregnant or nursing you should wait to have LASIK, because these conditions may cause temporary and unpredictable changes in your cornea.

If you have been told that you are not a candidate for LASIK, we invite you to come in for a free VIP exam. In some cases, patients who have astigmatism, thin corneas, or wear reading glasses have been told they don’t have options. But, at the Cataract & LASIK Center of Utah, we are dedicated to offering the most advanced technology available today to our patients.We are proud to help more patients than ever before enjoy the freedom better vision provides thanks to CustomVue, All-Laser LASIK, new implantable lens technology, PRK and advanced lifestyle intraocular lenses.

See all of your options today:


Have astigmatism? More than 94% of the eligible population are potential candidates for the LASIK procedure. In addition, with the high level of accuracy of the Intralase laser, Dr. Monroe can now treat patients with steep, flat or thin corneas.

Visian ICL

Visian ICL is an implanted lens for people who are nearsighted. If LASIK is not a good option for you, this may be the right fit.

MonoVision LASIK

MonoVision LASIK is a great alternative for people wanting greater dependence from reading glasses or bifocals.


If you have been told you are not a candidate for LASIK, PRK may be a better alternative for you.

Lifestyle Intraocular Lenses

Have cataracts but want to reduce your dependence on your glasses as well? The Cataract & LASIK Center of Utah may have the answer you are looking for with our FDA approved multifocal and astigmatism correcting lifestyle lens implants.

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