7 Things that could put your vision at risk

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37805329 - woman wearing sunglasses and white shirt.You could be putting your eyes at risk unknowingly. There are several common things that people do which can increase their risk of eye infections, macular degeneration, and more. So, we’re here to encourage you to reconsider some of these things to help better protect your eyesight.

  1. Avoiding comprehensive eye exams: By putting off your eye exams you could be allowing problems to grow. When you commit to comprehensive eye exams it allows an eye doctor to catch problems early on.
  2. Not wearing proper eye protection: It’s important to wear 100% UV protection sunglasses during all seasons and to invest in proper eye safety for at-work and at-home tasks.
  3. Holding onto extra weight: Being obese can make you more susceptible to having diabetes. And, diabetes can put you at a greater risk of developing eye issues such as glaucoma and diabetic eye disease.
  4. Smoking: By smoking you are at greater risk of developing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. It also makes you more susceptible to optic nerve damage.
  5. Sleeping, swimming, or showering with contacts: While certain contacts are created for longer wear, when you sleep in them you are at a greater risk of getting an infection. It can also increase your chance of corneal ulcers. Showering and swimming with contacts in can make it easier for bacteria to make its way into your eyes.
  6. Rubbing your eyes and touching contacts with unclean hands: When your hands aren’t washed and you touch your contacts or eyes, you increase the risk of infection. Also, if you rub your eyes and there is something in there, you could risk pushing it into your eye further.
  7. Wearing old eyeliner and mascara: If it’s expired, throw it out. You don’t want old makeup near your eyes, you could be encouraging an eye infection.

Take steps to keep your eyes healthy by committing to better habits. Don’t miss out on eye exams and do your best to keep harmful bacteria from easily getting into your eyes. Protect your eyes and your vision.

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