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    • 17 APR 14
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    How Do You Handle Visual Information Overload?

    Have you ever experienced information overload…on your eyes? There is a real condition called Load-Induced Blindness that occurs when you have too much visual information coming at you. A new study showed that when you are faced with a lot of visual data at once, your ability to see critical information is reduced – similar

    • 09 APR 14
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    Is LASIK Safer than Contacts?

    Some studies have shown that LASIK can be up to five times safer than contacts* due to lens-related eye infections over long-term use. There are quite a few “human” errors that may account for many of the complications from contact lenses. If you wear contacts, you were probably instructed by your eye doctor about the

    • 27 MAR 14
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    Spring into Allergy Eye Relief

    Beautiful springtime weather inevitably brings scratchy eyes, swollen eyes and itchy eyes in Orem, Utah. If you wear contact lenses, it’s virtually impossible to keep them in your eyes when you are constantly rubbing them. Here are a couple of tips to help you through the allergy season: If you’re using eye drops to relieve

    • 19 MAR 14
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    Olympic Medalist Bode Miller Regrets Not Having LASIK

    The 2014 Olympics are over, but many of the athletes are still feeling the pain of disappointing losses. One such athlete is alpine ski racer, Bode Miller. After failing to reach all of his goals in Sochi, he revealed to the media that he would have changed the skis he used for one of the

    • 12 MAR 14
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    Enjoy March Madness Even More

    March Madness begins March 18! Whether you plan to root for your college alma mater in the NCAA tournament or just love any kind of college basketball, you are bound to see exciting wins and devastating upsets. The question is, will you be watching the action through a corrective lens? If you are nearsighted, farsighted

    • 05 MAR 14
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    Save Your Vision Month

    March is Save Your Vision Month. Sponsored by the American Optometric Association, this observance is to remind Americans about the importance of having regular eye exams to help preserve and maintain their eye health. The following is a general eye exam schedule for people with normal eye health and good overall health: – Infants: Pediatrician